Great Kilimanjaro Videos to Motivate and Inspire you!

Need some motivation? Look no further – check out these Kilimanjaro videos (warning: they are each ~1hr long) – settle down, get a cup of coffee and start watching!

Back when I first climbed Kilimanjaro, there was no such thing as YouTube and I certainly had no idea how to download videos. I had to rely on books and maps to visualize where I was going and what to expect. How times have changed!

Today I’m bringing you some great Kilimanjaro videos for your inspiration. Actually, I’m meant to be out preparing for a hike in New Zealand next month. It’s raining, and I’m feeling lazy.

So if you are feeling a little de-motivated to get up and do your training – or are still wondering whether Kilimanjaro is something you’d like to do – check out these and see the beauty of this great mountain!

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Let me know in the comments below which one you enjoyed the most.

1. IMAX Kilimanjaro – to the Roof of Africa (2002)

Directed by David Breashears, renowned mountaineer and film maker, this movie is narrated by Tanzanian mountain guide, Jacob Kyungai. The cinematography is spectacular with aerial shots of the stunning views. It also gives some indication of what to expect on the mountain, showing interviews with the climbers, who range from 12 – 64 years of age.

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2. Kilimanjaro Documentary

Although undated, I think this was made some years ago. At the end of the film, the scientists conclude that it’s possible that the glaciers will all be gone by 2015 – and they were wrong! The glaciers may be melting but they are still there.

This video is cool because it’s a scientist who wants to study the glaciers and the Ash Pit. Additionally, they climb up the Western Breach – the most difficult route to the summit. Camping in the Crater, there are some spectacular shots of the glaciers close up, and even the Ash pit. The scientist descends into the ash pit to examine the fumaroles and try to estimate when Kilimanjaro last erupted. They conclude that it was hundreds of years ago – not thousands!

3.The Roof of Africa with the Machame Route

A cute amateur video made by three Swedish guys who climbed via the Machame Route. It’s subtitled, about an hour long. They seem to have spliced in some shots from other videos, but most of it is just their own account of their climb:

4. Climbing Kilimanjaro with Camels

Watch as Dubai Adventurer Awad Mohammed Majrin and his team get to the Roof of Africa with two camels. After battling red-tape from the authorities, he got permission to take these desert-dwellers to the summit!

5. Kilimanjaro, the Adventure with a Drone

This is a short video of guys climbing the Machame Route, using a drone to film the mountain. Very cool!

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So, feeling motivated? Thinking “no way…”? Let me know what you think in the comments below:

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